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Out of the Great Oil Boom of the 1920's arose some of the America’s greatest neighborhoods throughout Long Beach that epitomized the “Good Life”. The 1921 Oil Strike at Signal Hill brought great prosperity to Long Beach at a time when the United States was enjoying the first golden age of the 20th Century. Belmont Heights and the surrounding communities are fabulous examples of America’s Vintage Architecture. 

Magnificent Craftsman Mansions and splendid Spanish Colonial Residences were built along Ocean Boulevard as testament to those that had struck it rich in the "Black Gold"  being pumped up on Signal Hill. Beautiful neighborhoods with names like Bluff Park, Belmont Heights, Rose Park Belmont Shore and Naples Island became synonymous with the "good life" of  Southern California.

Starting in late the 1960's and well into the early 1990's , many of these neighborhoods were forgotten during the Los Angeles migration to the "newer"  post -WWII communities of Orange County. This was especially evident during the  popularity offered by the  "Master Planned Communities" of Southern Orange County,  Simi Valley  and the ever expanding  Inland Empire.

Today LONG BEACH is experiencing another real estate "Boom" ! The largest "Boom" since the 1920's. With freeway commute times to Los Angeles and Orange County business centers from these "Master Planned Communities" , becoming nightmarish on an ever increasing scale, the central geographic nature on Long Beach has taken on renewed interest.

And it gets even better!  Long Beach is unique because of  its under valued vintage  housing stock, coastal breezes, light-rail transit and a cool downtown  shopping and nightlife environment.  Some of the best values in first-time home buying exist where the cost of renting can buy a wonderful bungalow or cottage minutes from the beach. . . and NO Mello~Roos or HOA's to drain your pocket books.

Long Beach Architecture  is a wonderful example of Pre-WWII Classic California Architecture, whether you're interested in a Mansion or Bungalow. These homes exist in many of the fine vintage neighborhoods of Long Beach. There are beautiful Victorian homes from the early 1900's that are quietly blended  with stunning California Craftsman Bungalows, Prairie Style, Tudor, Beaux Arts, Spanish Colonial and other Mediterranean adaptations.  Most  of these homes and formal residences have been restored to their full glory.  However, a plentiful collection of untouched  bungalows  and cottages are awaiting your special touch of restoration and renovation.

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